2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature: Bob Dylan

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【讲座题目】2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Literature: Bob Dylan

【讲座时间】2017年7月6日(周四) 14:30-16:30


【主 讲 人】Tony Giffone,Ph.D.,Professor


Tony Giffone,PH.D.,Professor,works in Farmingdale College, State University of New York, USA. Dr. Giffone received his doctorate from New York University in the field of Victorian literature. Additionally, he teaches courses in drama, film and literature, multicultural literature, and literature of the British Industrial Revolution. He has been a reader for the AP English Literature exam since 1991. He has been a member of the English and Humanities Department since 1989, and the Assistant Chair of the Liberal Arts and Sciences Major from 2004 to the present. Among his varied goals in life is to visit the birthplace or grave of all the American presidents, to travel to 100 countries, and to read every novel ever shortlisted for the Booker Prize.


Bob Dylan is the only American poet to win the Noble Prize. He was also a controversial choice because his work was sung as songs, not printed in a book as poetry. The lecture will focus on analyzing some of his song lyrics to understand his poetic message. The songs to be discussed include "Blowing in the Wind," his most famous song as well as several others.